November Deals of the Month

November deals had an emphasis on refinance, which is a great option if you have vehicles or equipment that are unencumbered, or are on finance but have equity in them, as almost any asset can be refinanced and the funds raised can be used for any purpose.  Our deals this month included;

A finance lease deal for a Welsh based farmer.
Total Amount: £20K
Purpose: raising money against a couple of tractors, this refinance deal will allow them to purchase some smaller, but vital, pieces of farm machinery that they need, whilst also leaving some funds in the bank.

A finance lease deal for a North West based haulage company.
Total Amount: £50K
Purpose: to enable them to purchase 2 additional tractor units which are needed at this busy time of the year.

A hire purchase deal for a North West based events company.
Total Amount: £25K
Purpose: a hire purchase deal to enable them to buy a transit van, which will allow them to take on further contracts and help futureproof the business.

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